Crane-drilling technics

Crane-drilling technics

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Crane-drilling units

Crane-drilling systems (CD) HOTOMI is one of the most practical solutions for organizations of the energy industry and construction companies when working in industrial and civil construction. This type of equipment, having a wide versatility, is indispensable when performing such works as drilling wells for transmission lines and communication pylons, installing pile foundations with a small bearing capacity (for example, in low-rise construction), installation and service works at height, and other types of construction . Also, crane-drilling machines (CDM) of a crane-manipulator type are used for delivery, loading and unloading, lifting equipment, tools, materials, various lengthy and bulky cargo.

Drilling-crane plant HOTOMI AUGER JN 1030

Load capacity - 6 t*m
Maximum lift height - 11.5 m
MAX length of shaft - 9 m
MAX load capacity of crane - 2.5 t
MAX drilling depth drilling unit - 5 t

Modern drilling and crane installation of the South Korean concern HOTOMI is one of the most popular today. The versatility of this equipment allows it to be used in many areas:

  • industrial and civil engineering;
  • energy industry;
  • cargo handling;
  • rescue operations, etc.

The drilling and crane systems of HOTOMI on the basis of the car at the same time unites such types of equipment as:

  • crane manipulator;
  • drilling machine;
  • aerial platform.