Crane systems

Crane systems

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Crane manipulator unit

Crane installation (CM) HOTOMI have a telescopic L-shaped boom, consisting of several sliding sections. The number of such sections depends on the specific model of CM. The hook of the manipulator is suspended from the boom using a cable. The cable is passed through the mount on the boom and secured to the winch. According to the principle of a conventional crane, the winch rotates, winding a cable on the drum - this is how the hook descends and ascends. The HOTOMI manipulators allow not only loading and unloading, but also the subsequent transportation of goods without the need for additional equipment. In the presence of the mounting basket can be carried out maintenance and installation work at height. It is convenient, economical, efficient, and therefore, the purchase of this equipment will very quickly pay for itself and increase your profits.

Crane plant HOTOMI JS 034

Load capacity - 6.6 t*m
Maximum lift height - 11.5 m
MAX length of shaft - 9.7 m
MAX load capacity of crane - 3.3 t

Crane plant HOTOMI LS 2656

Load capacity - 21 t*m
Maximum lift height - 23.3 m
MAX length of shaft - 20.3 m
MAX load capacity of crane - 7.5 t

Crane plant HOTOMI HOTOMI LS 1036

Load capacity - 15 t*m
Maximum lift height - 17.8 m
MAX length of shaft - 15.8 m
MAX load capacity of crane - 6.1 t

In the world market of special equipment, crane-manipulators from the Korean company HOTOMI have proven themselves to be reliable and practical equipment used in the construction of a repair scale of a different scale at a completely new level:

  • industrial facilities;
  • production buildings;
  • residential complexes;
  • houses and cottages;
  • road works of any complexity, etc.