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About us

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Jinji Trading LLC is the assignee and successor of the traditions of the well-known South Korean company Asia Pacific Enterprise Co., Ltd. Our main specialization remains the same - the production of lifting and drilling equipment of high quality. Translated from Korean, "Jinji" means - honestly, seriously and responsibly. The reorganization, renovation of engineering and technical base, openness and flexibility in dealing with customer complaints allowed us to improve the quality of the equipment produced and increase its service life. Today Jinji Trading LLC has a modern production site and representative offices in a number of CIS countries and Southeast Asia, which allows us to remain a competitive supplier of lifting and drilling equipment, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction with our equipment. “Jinji Trading” LLC, possessing a wide model range of lifting and drilling equipment, produced under the HOTOMI brand, is ready to give you the opportunity to choose the equipment that is ideally suited to your needs. The equipment produced by us has long established itself and has found its consumer niche. We are always open to your feedback and suggestions. This will help us grow as a reliable supplier of high quality equipment.