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Crane-drilling rig HOTOMI JN 1030:

A compact model of a drilling rig with a combined boom design, where the two sections are interconnected pivotally, and the angle between them is adjusted using a hydraulic cylinder, which allows you to increase the pressure on the ground, increasing drilling performance and working radius.

Crane-manipulator installation HOTOMI JS 034:

New model of a compact crane-manipulator with a direct telescopic boom, the maximum reach of which reaches 9.7 m., and the maximum carrying capacity of 3.3 tons. The versatility and functionality of which can be assessed in various fields.

HOTOMI - Korean crane and drilling crane systems

Lifting and drilling technics HOTOMI has proven itself for many years as a reliable tool in solving a whole range of tasks facing companies in the energy sector and other industries related to construction.

The HOTOMI brand has managed to occupy its consumer niche and earn a certain credit of trust, both among large energy and construction organizations and small companies seeking to optimize costs.

We don't stand still

10 years

in the market of lifting and drilling systems

Reliable quality

corresponding to ISO standards

More than 1000 units

produced and sold

All our equipment complies with safety standards, which is confirmed by certificates of international standard:

The years of presence of our equipment in the energy and construction markets for the provision of services to the countries of the Customs Union and Southeast Asia allowed us to form dealer representative offices of our plant, which greatly facilitates the interaction of the end customer with the manufacturing plant. Our dealerships implement crane cranes and drilling crane systems (DCM) HOTOMI, provide them with quality service, have a warehouse of original factory spare parts for CM / DC and provide complete information and technical information for operating organizations and potential customers.

The features, which recognized brand HOTOMI:

  • The wide model range giving the chance in selection of equipment ideally suitable for the solution of the tasks set for you;
  • Manufacturability based on continuous improvement of technology, reduction of production costs and mandatory orientation to the end user;
  • The quality of the international level, due to strict adherence to the norms for the processes of organization and production management, confirmed by the certificate of the international organization for standardization ISO;
  • The versatility inherent in our technology, allows, if necessary, to expand the technical capabilities due to retrofit attachments, thereby expanding the range of work performed;
  • Efficiency and safety margin, confirmed by repeated use of the HOTOMI technique in rough terrain, low temperature areas.

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